Innovative PROcurement for Visual Impaired People PRO4VIP




PRO4VIP. (http://www.pro4vip.eu) is a EU networking project related to Innovative Public Procurement. The mission of the project is to improve the quality of life of functional low-vision individuals through demand-driven procurement of either novel or fit-for-purpose, cost-effective ICT-based assistive technologies that could enhance their daily quality of life or novel and cost-effective clinical tools that could support physicians in the early detection of such conditions.
Innovative Public Procurement is an administrative action that encourages innovation geared to boosting the development of new markets from the demand side through the instrument of public procurement. This encompasses two different solutions: the Public Procurement of Innovation (PPI) and Pre-Commercial Public Procurement (PCP).

The objectives of PRO4VIP project are:

  • (a) the creation and consolidation of a pan-European network of procurers;
  • (b) the definition of a common innovation procurement roadmap in the short term and in the long term;
  • (c) the definition of the cross-border and joint public procurement of innovation procedure(s) that best meet(s) procuring authorities’ needs (that could be either PCP or PPI or both) and that in line with WHO Vision 2020 (http://www.iapb.org/vision-2020) would either support the early detection and treatment of functional low vision conditions or would support the provision for low vision services;
  • (d) the mutual learning, knowledge sharing and transferring within the consortium partners.