January 19, 2016 - The BMF hosts a new session of the PRO4VIP European project

The Barcelona Macula Foundation (BMF), in collaboration with the Catalan Agency for Health Quality and Assessment (AQUAS), assembled a group of professionals from the Institut de la Màcula, BMF and AQUAS itself last week for a discussion session that forms part of the PRO4VIP European project. The aim of this focus group is to generate, share and clarify ideas geared to improving the patient’s experience of medical services.

At the session held at the BMF’s facilities, 15 professionals provided insights about the causes of future pathologies and the factors involved in them. They also signalled what they view as inefficiencies in the processes of patient diagnosis, monitoring, treatment, rehabilitation and recuperation. In addition, they painted scenarios for desirable scientific advances in these areas and pointed out areas of intervention where the effects of ageing related to sight problems could be mitigated, among others.

This work forms part of the upstream phase of the PRO4VIP project. The focus group that met at the BMF aimed to define patient needs that are considered to be unmet by the professionals and classify them according to priority criteria. Downstream, the Project will design solutions that meet these needs, create prototypes and test them